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My real name is Diogo Lima I am Portuguese and live in Porto.

Porto is a fascinating and vibrant city that is rapidly becoming one of Western Europe’s most respected tourist destinations. The city boasts an extensive history, and a buzzing nightlife. There is a lot to see and do in Porto, and this diverse city will appeal to a wide range of visitors.

It’s a historic and diverse city, the region is famed for the production of Port, of which you may already have heard before, this wine is still stored and matured in the vast cellars that stretch along the banks of the Douro River.
​My hometown has both: river and sea, and we have the best music community in the country.

I got most of my inspirations from the 80's as I grew most of my music interest in that time, in the 90's I started to write songs and play guitar, but it was until 98 that I got my first gig in a small uptown bar.

When you're in love with music and the only thing you look for is to be honest with yourself and willing to touch someone's heart, everything is possible, that's how I survived so many years in this industry.

The only thing I cared for was the fans and what message I could send them.
In 2003 I got my first International record deal with an Italian Label. Since then I had to stand up from the ground so many times that I can't even count it, like someone said, -“Life's not about how hard of a hit you can give... it's about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward.” -, you will always be challenged and tested whatever your area is.

Had some great live concerts, including oppeing act for Mr. Big, Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple)  and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli  Peppers) and Xutos & Pontapés.

My latest work John Black Wolf, debuted in 2019, had amazing reviews from the International Press. We had a full house on our debut live show and we were ready to go... but them came Covid19. Once again, I tried to get something good from something really bad, cause of the social distance obligation all of my shows were canceled, 2020 separated me from my loved ones, but it didn’t stop me from writing a new JBW album, to be released and digitally distributed through Farol Musica in 2021, also limited physical CD and Vinyl Edition will be available on the market. So along with the masks and disinfectant gel companies, I also took something positive from 2020

I love to write, I love to compose songs, and I know you will see yourselves in them.

John Black Wolf

― Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa

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