After a few garage bands he started his professional music career with an internationally released album in 2003 as lead singer and songwriter for the rock band “Nordica”.


In 2004 he headed towards Germany where together with the renowned producer Tommy Newton (Two gold albums worldwide), he recorded his debut solo album, and he wrote all the songs in Portuguese and in English version. Arriving in Portugal in 2006, formed the band "Dust" and signed a contract with a Portuguese record label that launched the work in English on National soil. In 2006 received two times an honorable mention from the prestigious American entity "Song of the year" with the song "I run tonight", that same year hit the radio chart as best of the week on radio Atlantis (Azores) with the theme "My heart and soul”, among other concerts the following stand out:

 “Hard club” with “Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple) & Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)” and a live acoustic on radio Antena 1 (Azores), And in Hard Club as Mr.Big supporting band.

Diogo Lima is also an actor, mostly in musicals since 2009 and has participated in several productions at National level: A Christmas tale, Rock you now, The Puss in Boots, Tarzan, The Chronicle of the Good Tricksters, Fame, The Little Mermaid, The Little Prince among others.

He has also participated in short films, for example as an antagonist in “Insomnia” and in the feature film “Uma vida sublime”, he also had short appearances in some Portuguese soap operas, namely, Um mundo ao contrário (TVI) I love it (TVI) and recently in the production of SIC “Coração D'Ouro”)

In 2017 he released a folk-pop EP with Portuguese lyrics and competed in RTP1's talent program The Voice (Portugal).

In 2019 released John black Wolf’s debut album, probably the most solid work till date, all songs produced and written by the musician, the album was mostly mixed and mastered by Diogo and he played almost all instruments from the 12-piece Album. It is out on the digital market and on CD in a very limited edition. John Black Wolf is also directing a short movie, related to the Debut Album, the movie will be released in 2020.

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