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With a sound within Rock and Americana, mixing several musical moods the album Until the Dark is Gone by John Black Wolf & The Bandits, is therefore unique, neglected by some, and a rebirth for others. On this record we discover layers of Tarantino's imagination, a soundtrack for a fantasy film, a piece of a classical Musical, lyrics that take us to places, sensations and tales of our imagination, not leaving aside social and political criticism. This record has addictive choruses, careful arrangements in a new and timeless record that does not neglect the birth of rock n roll nor the experimental of new musical approaches. John Black Wolf











The Bandits:


Bruno Carreira Cruz - Guitar

Vasco Pereira - Bass

Valdemir Hailé - Keys

Nuno Ferreira - Drums

Filipa Guedes - Backvocals

Inês Villadelprat - Backvocals

Joana Rodrigues - Backvocals


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