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My real name is Diogo Lima, and I am Portuguese. I live in Porto, a fascinating and vibrant city that is quickly becoming one of Western Europe’s most respected tourist destinations. The city boasts an extensive history and a buzzing nightlife, and there is a lot to see and do here. This diverse city will appeal to a wide range of visitors.

Porto is a historic and diverse city, from the warren of narrow streets that make up the ancient Ribeira district to the grand plaza of the Trindade district. The region is famous for the production of Port wine, which is still stored and matured in the vast cellars that stretch along the banks of the Douro River.

My hometown has both a river and sea. The music scene is not the best for new acts and musicians struggling to survive, but we have the best music community in the country.

I draw most of my inspiration from the 70s, 80s, and 90s because I developed most of my music interest during that time. In the 90s, I started to write songs and play guitar, but it wasn't until '98 that I got my first gig in a small uptown bar.

When you're in love with music, and the only thing you look for is to be honest with yourself and touch someone's heart, everything is possible. That's how I survived so many years in this industry.

I make music that I enjoy singing and playing and don't waste a minute thinking about what others may think if they like it or not because I don't do music for other people, I do it for me. If they choose to follow my work, then it's their choice, and I'll be happy with that.

In 2003, I got my first record deal with an Italian label. It wasn't the best choice at that time, but it was the only one I had. Since then, I had to stand up from the ground so many times that I can't even count it, but that's called life. You know you will always be challenged and tested, whatever your area is.

I am living my dream because it's not about how big of a star I am, but how true and how loved I am as a human being.

So if you see yourself in this, I can tell you a little bit about our work:

With a sound that blends rock and Americana, the album "Until the Dark is Gone" by John Black Wolf & The Bandits is unique. On this record, we discover layers of Tarantino's imagination, a soundtrack for a fantasy film, a piece of a classical musical, and lyrics that take us to places, sensations, and tales of our imagination, not leaving aside social and political criticism. The songs have addictive choruses, and the arrangements are carefully crafted in a new and timeless way of writing that does not neglect the birth of rock n roll nor the experimental new musical approaches.

Best regards, John Black Wolf



The Bandits:


Bruno Carreira Cruz - Guitar

Vasco Pereira - Bass

Artur Martins- Keys

Nuno Ferreira - Drums

Filipa Guedes - Backvocals

Joana Rodrigues - Backvocals


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